Meet the Team

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Marjie – Office Coordinator

Marjie began her career as a dental assistant, where she fell in love with the relationships she was able to form with patients. She prides herself on making everyone feel comfortable and a part of the office family. Years later, now as the Office Manager, her favorite part of her job is still creating a lasting relationship with all of our patients. She loves knowing they are maximizing their dental benefits, and understand how their insurance can give them the smile they always dreamed of.

Marjie was born in beautiful Montana and moved to Washington when she was 5 years old. Now she lives in Puyallup with her husband, Doug. Marjie enjoys spending her time in the sunshine out in her beautiful garden, or scrap-booking on a rainy Washington day. You will also find her volunteering as often as she can, giving back to her community.


UPFCD (11 of 24)Amanda – Scheduling Coordinator

Amanda will be the first smile to greet you when you come into our beautiful office. She started her dental career in 2013 and makes it her mission to ensure every patient has a positive, supporting environment to have their dental care needs met. She enjoys getting to know patients and building great relationships. She will help you with all of your Scheduling and Insurance needs and will serve as a liaison between insurance carriers, staff and patients to resolve any concerns.

Amanda is a born and raised Washingtonian. She spent her early years growing up on her grandparent’s apple and cherry orchard in Chelan, but then moved to Marysville, WA where her family still lives. Amanda shares her happy home in the local Tacoma 6th Ave District with her boyfriend Keith and pet miniature schnauzer, Mr. Edison (both the loves of her life). On her weekends you will her exploring the PNW hiking, running 5k’s, attending the theatre at Point Ruston, relaxing and watching Netflix or reading a good book.


UPFCD STAFF (2 of 19)Ellen – Dental Hygienist 

After graduating from Bates Dental assisting, Ellen started assisting at a local Orthodontic office where she found a love for dental hygiene. After her three daughters were born she went back to school at Pierce college for her Dental Hygiene degree and has been helping patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles for 26 years now! She loves caring for her patients needs, providing them with lasting healthy smile. Seeing their personality and confidence in their smile transform through great dental care is her favorite part of her job.

Ellen loves spending time with her six wonderful grandchildren. She enjoys taking in the beautiful PNW, walking at Ft. Steilacoom Park whenever she has the chance. Over the years she has been a part of many pet rescues, where she can share her love for animals.


joy2 (1 of 1)Joy – Dental Hygienist   

Joy has been in the dental field for 22 years. She began her dental career as an assistant before pursuing her dental hygiene degree at Pierce College where she graduated with Honors. She continued her education at Eastern Washington University, receiving her Bachelors of Science in Dental Hygiene in 2013. Joy loves educating her patients about ways they can improve their dental health, and watching their lifestyle changes make a huge impact on their smile. Joy also loves working with children as a restorative hygienist teaching them at a young age to love their smiles!

Joy is a PNW native, when she is not at work she is spending time with her family enjoying the outdoors. Together they love to go camping in their awesome RV, boating, or playing with their dog Benny. During football season you will find Joy and her husband, Scott supporting their favorite teams, GO HAWKS & GO COUGS!


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coming-soon-200x200Charlene- Dental Assistant







UPFCD STAFF (11 of 19)Tori – Fabulous Office Helper

Tori is Dr. P and Dr. Ji’s youngest daughter. She is the most stylish helper in the front office. Tori loves to help out with all the office shredding, holiday decorating, and art work. You will see her latest masterpieces on the walls throughout the Front Office. Tori loves to relax and play when the weather is nice, and enjoy her summer breaks!

Charlene – Office Manager in Training

Charlene is the big sister! She is the smartest girl her age, and puts it to good use in the office helping us file, alphabetize and so much more. She is quite the sporty athlete, she golfs and is a super good competitive swimmer. She even got Dr. P to try golfing this year! Charlene loves to get outdoors and be active, trying new sports, and hanging out with her friends.